We help companies celebrate their employees and thank their clients through gifting.

Welcome to PeopleProud. We are a corporate gifting company that offers a wide range of custom employee appreciation gift boxes to suit different occasions and preferences.

Our diverse range of gift boxes caters to a multitude of occasions, spanning major holidays and events like Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and more. Additionally, we celebrate lesser-known occasions such as World Health Day, Environment Day, Friendship Day, and Coffee Day.

For those special moments within the workplace, we offer the option to pre-order gift boxes tailored to specific milestones. Recognize and appreciate your team's dedication with gifts for work anniversaries, commemorate company milestones, celebrate employee birthdays, acknowledge promotions, and bid farewell with thoughtful gifts.

Our curated selection ensures that every occasion, big or small, is marked with a memorable and meaningful gesture. Explore our collection and discover the perfect Gifts for Work Anniversaries to express your appreciation and foster a positive workplace culture.

PeopleProud's gift boxes cater to various interests and themes, such as women's day gifts, work from home gifts, welcome gifts, and thank you gifts.  The gift boxes are designed to be personalized and tailored to each occasion, featuring a range of items like gourmet treats, self-care products, and desk accessories.

Additionally, our gift boxes can also be a great way to show your appreciation for clients, coworkers and bosses, to build stronger relationships with them. We work with companies all across the World to help build employee retention by increasing workplace happiness and productivity.

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  • Caribou

    "The packaging was great quality and great customer service as well. Thanks to the PeopleProud team for all of their amazing help!"

    - Lauren Gleeson

  • EdgeMicro

    "I loved the box! It was really fun to receive. Looooved the candle and little plant.. and everything really!"

    - Veronica Apecena

  • Buzzfeed

    "Our team seems very very happy!! Thanks so much for all of your help. Great job!!"

    - Jonathan Saller