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15 work from home gifts

Getting the right gifts for your employees is easier said than done. You just cannot bring yourself to finalize those gifts even if someone puts a gun to your head. Confusion prevails in every form and factor. But following is a list that should clear the air a little bit for you.

Work From Home Gift Ideas
1. Books
Books might prove to be the best friend of your employees, especially this time around of the year. Do not forget to ask them what their favorite genres of books are. Do not assume that everyone likes biographies. Some of your employees might prefer to dive into the deep dark worlds of fiction, fantasy and horror.

2. Field trip
Field trips or any kind of group activities can be a lot of fun when organized in a proper way. Such activities are going to cultivate a team spirit among your employees and help them achieve common goals all the while minimizing any probable friction. If you want to improve their camaraderie and ensure results, a field trip should be a good idea.

3. Gift Basket
Gift baskets can be of any category. You could either add a few savory items or perhaps make it a whole sweet ensemble of their favorite desserts. If you are thinking about gifting the same to a manager or a project leader in your company, you might want to add an iPod or probably a home assistant along with it.

4. Subscription / Membership
Subscriptions and memberships to various activities and groups / clubs will get you a lot of attention. Especially if you can procure something that is heavily discounted, such as a monthly magazine subscription or probably a gold membership of a popular health club in the city, it would be highly appreciated.

5. Customized Pens
Customized pens with favorite quotes and messages of your employees and managers are always a thoughtful and clever add-on gift. They are ideal for working professionals and look aesthetically appealing as well. Want to customize them further? You can also add Christmas and New Year wishes on these pens.

6. Buzz Magnets
These magnets are the perfect employee gift. Buzz magnets are going to keep your employees constantly motivated and inspired to do better. You can make them chirp, whistle or buzz as per your liking.

7. Coffee Tumbler
Caffeine consumption is something that we all are guilty of. It is one of the sweetest pleasures of our day that we indulge in without any shame. If you are a coffee lover, you are going to love customized coffee tumblers as a gift option this year. You can choose from virgin / recyclable plastics or probably smooth finished bone china / Terracotta as well. The options are limitless and the colors are beautiful.

8. Table Clock
Table clocks can also be customized weather according to your company brand and logo or according to the liking of the employee. You can have their birthday month / sun sign printed on the clock or perhaps have a personal message carved at the back. This is going to be a very sweet and considerate New Year gift for your employees.

9. Echo Dot
Echo Dot is extremely popular and powerful. It is a smart speaker that you can take anywhere. It is the perfect gift for music lovers and is compatible with any operating system whether it is iOS or Android. Let your employees and managers connect with others, voice control their smart home and find answers to questions with the help of Alexa.

10. Funny Employee Mug
Funny employee mugs are exactly what the name suggests. Everyone is going to appreciate a bit of humor coming straight out of the boss's mouth. A little light hearted banter printed on a customized employee mug is going to lighten and brighten their day. It might just prove to be the best New Year gift for your new employees.

11. Headphones
Wired headphones are always going to be in demand. You should also be able to find a few varieties that have inbuilt Bluetooth as well. They are the perfect gift for writers, researchers, creative folks and thinkers in your company.

12. Chocolate Cookies
Who doesn't love chocolate cookies? This is the most sinfully delicious gift you can think about this New Year. You have so many options today in the market that you will end up buying at least 20 of these customized chocolate cookie boxes. Ten for your employees and ten for yourself? Probably.

13. Portable Power Bank
Portable power banks are constantly in demand. A lot of your employees are going to appreciate this one little gesture. Running out of juice is not something that you look forward to and most definitely not an excuse you want to hear from your employees especially on a work day. A portable power bank is going to keep them working even on the go. All in all, everybody wins.

14. Company Branded
Clothing Company branded clothing can be extremely funny as well. You don't have to pick boring colors and matching patterns for everyone. You can be as wild as your imagination while customizing your company branded clothing line. Keep the emblem and /or logo either on the back or probably on the sleeve of the apparel. Keep the rest of the t-shirt fun and graphic.

15. Biscotti Gift
Basket Oh the flavors! You have camel milk chocolate, green tea, mint, orange and chocolate, coffee and apple, ginger and lemon, cinnamon and strawberry, and probably every delicious combination when it comes to choosing a biscotti gift basket. They are not just a personal and affectionate way to appreciate your employees but will also leave a wonderful taste in their mouth every time they open this basket and think of their boss. It is time to make your holidays special both for yourself and your employees. Choose any one of these gift options and you will see how much you are appreciated and how lovingly your gift is received.

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