3 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month this Year

3 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month this Year

LGBTQ is celebrated in June each year. It’s a time to celebrate equality amongst your company. What are some fun ways to celebrate with your employees?

3 Ways to Celebrate Pride in June:

1. Pride Gift Boxes

Create a gift box full of Rainbow items! Some fun items to include could be a Pride t-shirt, Pride stickers, Pride tote bags, Pride water bottles, Pride candles, etc. You could also include items from Queer-owned companies!

2. Host an Inclusivity Training

In 2022, Diversity and Inclusion training is very crucial to maintain equity amongst the workplace. Host an educational training for your employees on how to better work with others of differing abilities, backgrounds and genders.

3. Decorate your Office in Rainbow Colors!

Are you back to the office? Decorate the office in Rainbow colors to celebrate Pride Month and Inclusivity! Pass out Pride flags to celebrate! You can even include a gift box to each employee as well.

Gay Pride Mug

Author: Samantha Farley
Founder & CEO