5 Things You Can Do To Create a Happy “Remote” Workplace

5 Things You Can Do To Create a Happy “Remote” Workplace

Many companies have been working remotely for over 2 years due to the covid-19 pandemic. Working remotely is becoming more of a “norm” than ever before. How can companies create a happy and productive workplace remotely?

Here are 5 things you can do as leaders to promote employee morale:

1) Have Fun (Online) Events to Keep Up the Company Culture
Even though you are not physically together, you can still have fun team events! Try hosting a work happy hour over video conferencing or a morning “brainstorming brunch”. This gets the team together and working in conjunction.

2) Invest in Home related Perks for the Employees
While your employees are at home, they may start to feel lonely and bored. Try offering some perks that can unite your employee back to the company and also make them feel valued - such as a team care box.

3) Don’t forget to deliver praise & recognition!
Even though your employees are at home, you should STILL be giving them praise and recognition for a job well done. Did your employee go over & beyond on a task? Did your employee work late? Did your employee help another employee? Don’t forget to say “Thank You” — Sometimes it’s easy to forget when employees aren’t around you all day in an office.

4) Promote Wellness & Offer Team Competitions
Since we are all stuck at home, try offering some team competitions on wellness. See who can get the most steps on a walk or who can do the most pushups! Create a fun event for the team and get them moving!

5) Remind them that You are There for Them
This one may seem silly, but when teams are working remotely, sometimes it feels weird to call another team member and ask for help. Make sure your team knows they can talk to you about anything. It doesn’t hurt to show all the support you can give!

Creating a happy workplace is important in a “normal” in-office work environment, and even more important in a work-from-home environment. Try these strategies to increase happiness in your workplace and grow as a team!


Samantha Farley