8 Business Gifts Your Clients, Employees and Coworkers will Love

8 Business Gifts Your Clients, Employees and Coworkers will Love

Business Gifting is a yearly tradition that many companies follow. Whether you’re getting gifts for your employees, clients or stakeholders, it is an important tradition to continue. Gifting is a way to show your recipients that you appreciate them for all they do for your company.

Gifting is not only a job for the Boss. Employees can and should celebrate their coworkers as well. Business is a team effort that all persons involved should be thankful for each and every person on their team.

So what are some business appropriate gifts you can give to your clients, employees and coworkers? Below is a list of 8 gifts that your recipients will love.

1. Custom Gift Boxes

Thanks to Amazon, getting a package in the mail is always an exciting thing - even when you know what’s coming. But what if you send a surprise custom gift box to your employees and clients? You will make their day! Put a smile on your recipients face and send them a custom gift box to show you are thankful for them. Some fun items you can include in your gift box are coffee mugs, tea/coffee, cozy socks, candles, journals, soaps & lotions, books, etc.

2. Cookie Assortment

Who doesn’t love cookies? You can either send cookies straight from a box or send your employees baking mix so they can make the cookies themselves. Either way, holiday goodies is a great gift to show your employees, clients and coworkers you appreciate them this year.

3. Monthly Calendar

While we are all thankful for this past year, getting a good start to the new year is always crucial. Send your employees a Calendar so they can plan out the coming year. This can be a desk calendar, a wall calendar, a fridge calendar or even a notebook planner.

4. A Novel / Book

Books are always a great gift to give! Share a book that you recently read yourself or a NY Times Best Seller! This can be a business specific book, Self-Help Book or even a Fiction Book! However, you’ll want to make sure it is business appropriate.

5. A Mini Desk Plant

During the winter season, a wonderful gift to give is a ray of sunshine. The winter can bring seasonal depression for many people and it’s a great idea to give something “warm” and “happy”. Try sending your employees, coworkers and clients a growing plant. You can send a succulent, an air plant, or even a floor plant. Check out deskplants.com for more options!

6. Clothing

It’s always fun to receive a new piece of clothing, branded or not branded. Send your employees and clients a new jacket, a new hat, a new t-shirt or new socks! Feel free to add your logo as well for extra advertising.

7. Ring Light Attachment for Laptop

Now that most of us work from home, it’s time to make our home work space legit. Send your employees a Selfie Ring Light attachment for their laptop so they can have the perfect lighting for all of their virtual meetings.

8. Screen Wipes / Cleaners

Even when your employees are working from home, dust particles land on their laptop, ipad and phone screens. Send them some screen cleansing towelettes to make sure all of their screens are clean!

If you need any help choosing the perfect gift or creating a gift box full of gift items, don’t hesitate to reach out to PeopleProud.

Samantha Farley
Founder & CEO