Employee Experience: Why it Matters

Employee Experience: Why it Matters

According to the Census Bureau, there are 5.6 million employer firms in the United States. Most of these companies have at least 10 employees working for them to help grow the business.

Does your employees experience matter? Why or Why not?

The answer is Yes. It matters a great deal.

Doug Conant, the CEO of Campbell’s, once said “To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.”

Employee engagement is more than just being happy at work and with the work they are doing. Employees should be ecstatic for the company they work for, passionate about solving problems and working extremely hard towards the company’s goals.

Not only is it important to have happy employees,, but this also helps minimize employee turnover and also increase company growth.

So, how can you create the best employee experience for your team?

The key here is recognizing that each team and each company will be completely different. The best experience might be different at X company, than it is at Y Company.

Ask Your Employees How You can Improve Their Experience.

What’s a better way to get to know your employees than a quick survey. Ask them questions based on how their experience can be better and the best it can be.

Many leaders just guess as to what their employees will like (usually based on what they like themselves) but that may not be the right experience for them.

Also, don’t underestimate how often you should survey your employees. Try twice a year or every quarter to start and see what you’re truly missing as a company. But make sure not to survey them too often as they made get annoyed and stop answering the questions.

You Must Take Action

If you’re going to survey your employees to ask what they want changed in an organization, then you must act on the responses. Don’t just “hear them” and then move on. You must actually listen and try changing parts of the company that can be better. This will not only help the employee, but also the company’s growth.

So why does employee experience matter?

1) Happy & satisfied employees
2) High-performing teams
3) Less employee turnover
4) More Company growth

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