PeopleProud Offers Employee Appreciation Gift During Covid-19 Pandemic

Are your employees suddenly working from home? Send them a gift box to show you care!

One week ago, many in-office companies in the United States started working from home. Some have worked from home before and some haven’t.

It was a change that many companies were not expecting and unprepared for.

So, how do you go from operating an entire staff of people in an office, where you can physically see them and speak with them ….. to a completely remote culture where you can no longer see them face-to-face?

Thanks to many internet & cloud-based companies, (i.e. Zoom & Slack) working remotely has been easier than ever.

But - it is hard to switch with only a couple days notice. So…what can employers do to ensure their employees feel cared for during this hard time?

PeopleProud, an employee recognition gift box company, is working with companies all around the United States to send custom gift boxes to the company’s employees home.

“It’s important to show your employees that you care about them - not only as employees - but
also as people!” says Samantha Farley, Founder of PeopleProud.

Because of the disturbance that the COVID-19 brought to companies and their employees, PeopleProud is offering a 15% discount on all employee gift boxes to support these companies and the people who work for them.

Employee recognition is more important now than ever before. All company leaders should be asking themselves:

“What are we doing right now to support your employees as human beings?”


Author: Samantha Farley
CEO of PeopleProud
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