The 5 BEST Gifts for Employees

The 5 BEST Gifts for Employees

We found the very best gifts under $75 for everyone on your team, including the your boss, your direct report, the secretary, your intern and of course, the entire staff!

Gifting is a good way to show your appreciation and recognition for their work all year round. Most companies send gifts at the end of the year, near the holidays, but it's important to appreciate your team throughout the year.

Shopping for your employees can be a challenge and a stressful event for leadership. But good news is that it doesn't have to be! 

Below, we are including the 5 best gifts for employees (under $75!) this year.


1. Snack Box - $59.99

Gluten-Free Snack Box

Who doesn't love to snack? Everyone has to eat throughout the day - so why not get your employees a snack box! Companies do have to be careful when choosing which snacks to purchase, as you want a gift box that many, if not all, your employees can eat. Check out for their Gluten-Free Snack Box which includes delicious egg based pita chips, buffalo flavored edamame beans and chocolate chip mini cookies. You won't even know it's Gluten-Free but luckily your Gluten-Free employees can still eat all the snacks! Get your Snack Box Here!


2. Alone We Are Smart, Together We Are Awesome Notebook - $6.98

Alone we are smart notebook

To build unity amongst a company, sending a fun and meaningful notebook like this one would be a great gift option! It is 6x9 inches and 120 blank pages. Great gift for an employee or coworker to build teamwork. You can even purchase it in an office gift box with other items if you wanted to send a "bigger" gift to your staff. Get your Notebook on Amazon!


3. Meditation Candle - $22.99

Meditation Candle

This candle is a perfect candle to send to your team to let them know you care. Many people get stressed at work and sending them a Meditation Candle will let them know they can take a break and get their head in the right place. This 9 oz candle has a nice aroma with lavender smells to relax. You can even gift this candle within a gift box with other relaxation items! Get your Meditation Candle on Amazon. 


4. Selfie Ring Light Clip-On - $14

Selfie Ring Light for Employees Laptops

The Selfie Ring Light Clip-On is a necessary item for every employee! It adds a nice, professional light for all internal zoom meetings and client calls. It's compact and portable for traveling employees and you can also change the brightness to find the light perfect for you. Super easy to use and your employees will LOVE it. Get the Selfie Ring Light here


5. The Motivational Gift Box for Employees - $69.99

Employee Motivational Gift Box

The Motivational Gift Box is an amazing employee gift to show your appreciation for them. It Includes a blueish-green lined notebook for all employees to take inspirational notes, a Motivational Daily Desk Card Reader to be inspired and Rainbow Candy Bites for a yummy midday snack. Get your Motivational Gift Box here


Gifting can be hard, but it is extremely crucial to do with your staff. It's important to put a smile on your employees faces to increase employee happiness, increase employee retention and increase employee productivity. 

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