Top 5 Gifts for Employees

Top 5 Gifts for Employees

Nowadays, with the competition of hiring the perfect employees, many companies are looking for ways to stand out to prospective employees.

What can they do as a company to show that it’s worth it (or better than the other company) to work for?
What can they do for their current employees to keep them happy and stay put?

5 gifts that companies can give to or send their employees:
Ability to Work-from-Home
Imagine a snowy winter day, 7 degrees outside and extremely windy. Nothing is worse than having to commute in that weather just to go to the office. The ability to work from home, especially during these scenarios is a huge benefit to employees.

Independence & Time-Freedom
Is your employee a morning person? Is your employee a night person? What type of personality does your employee have? All of these questions matter when managing an employee. If your employee is a morning person, let them come in a 6 am and leave by 2:30 pm. If your employee is a night person, let them come in at 10 am and leave at 7 pm. Does your employee have a “Type A” personality? Let them move around throughout the day and do not make them sit still for 8 hours. Let your employees work how they work best!

Gifts that show you care
Have you ever received a random gift from someone and thought “wow! how did they know? That was so thoughtful!”? Try sending your employees a gift, like a PeopleProud Box, to show you truly care.

Amazing Benefits
Unlimited time-off, Long Maternity & Paternity Leave, Volunteer Days, Fully paid Healthcare, Travel Stipends, etc. According to Glassdoor, 57% of job seekers consider the benefits & perks before accepting a job offer —- so make sure you have some good ones!

Opportunity for a Bonus ($$)
Who doesn’t like to make more money? Giving your employees an opportunity to make more money by running competitions, games, etc. will get them working harder and excited to make a nice bonus!

There are so many different things you can do to hire & retain employees. Try surveying your employees on a yearly basis to truly find out what matters to them. Happy employees help businesses thrive!

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